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USA and India Set to Declare Multiple Deals Spanning AI, Defense, and Chips

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The USA and India will announce multiple defense and technology collaborations during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to the USA as reported by the USA officials. Modi is on his maiden state visit to the USA.

From deepening defense or military ties to increased collaboration on technology and diversification of supply chains, senior administration officials of the USA discussed a wide range of deals briefly with reporters.

One USA official said, “The nature, depth, and breadth of our deliverables for this are unprecedented. India will be a critical strategic partner for the United States in the coming decades. There is no partner more consequential now and into the future than India. The bilateral partnership is deeper and more expansive than it ever has been.”

India has become the most populous country in the world, surpassing China, and will become the third-largest economy in the next few years.

USA official person added, “We now look instinctively to each other and work cooperatively to uphold a free and open Indo-Pacific. Our countries will shape the future, working towards a world that is open, prosperous, secure, stable, and resilient.” 

The Indian Prime Minister will join the USA President in a press conference where both leaders will answer questions from journalists, according to the officials.

On the defense side, officials mentioned three announcements.

On the technology front, the officials said, “USA and Indian companies will partner to build semiconductor facilities to promote supply chain diversification. The two countries are also expected to announce agreements on strengthening critical minerals supply chains, advancing telecommunication capabilities, and working on A.I. developments.”


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