EU and Japan Look to Cooperate on AI and Semiconductor Chips

The European Union and Japan are looking to cooperate more closely on key technologies like artificial intelligence as both countries are looking to reduce their dependence on China in certain areas.

EU Commissioner Thierry Breton said, “Artificial Intelligence will very much be part of the discussion in a meeting with the Japanese government. I will engage with the Japanese government on how we can organize our digital space, including AI, based on our shared value.”

Breton also said, “There will be an EU-Japan Digital Partnership council, to discuss areas including quantum and high-performance computing.”

EU is entering partnerships with key Asian nations with strong technology sectors as it looks to de-risk from China.

Breton said, “The bloc and Japan will cooperate in semiconductors. Japan is a key country in the semiconductor supply chain, and Tokyo has been looking to strengthen its domestic industry.”

The EU is also looking to strengthen its own semiconductor chips industry across the bloc.

Semiconductors are essential components that go into everything from smartphones to cars and have significant military applications.

Semiconductor chips also play an important role to train artificial intelligence models. AI and semiconductor chips are two key areas of technology for the future, and nations around the world want to take advantage of these technologies to avail an edge.