Apple Is Set To Announce Reality Pro Vr Headset In This Spring Season

Apple is set to unveil mixed reality headset in this spring season, and will start shipping in the fall of 2023, as per the Bloomberg report.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported in the last week, “Software development and mechanical component issues had forced Apple to delay shipment to the latter half of 2023.” Kuo anticipates, “Apple would announce its headset either in the spring or at the company’sdeveloper event, which is typically in June.”

Apple’s anticipated mixed reality headset will run on a dubbed xrOS operating system. The mixed reality headset will be known as Reality Pro.

A prospective mixed reality headset from Apple will mark an entrance of Apple into a new product line that will put the company in direct competition with Meta.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will be different from Meta’s Quest line.

Meta’s Quest line is a completely virtual reality product. Apple’s mixed reality version can augment the environment of users instead of replacing it completely with a computer-generated view.

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