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Twitter CEO writes a message to Staff About Rebranding Twitter

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Twitter is undergoing a major rebranding after its owner Elon Musk announced the media platform would formally become “X” over this weekend, and CEO of the company Linda Yaccarino addressed the change in a note that praised employees for their hard work.

The transition from Twitter to X signifies a step toward Musk’s ambition to turn the platform into what he has termed an “everything app.” In the email to employees, Yaccarino wrote, “The company has an inventor mindset and enjoys moving at the speed of light.”

In a note, she wrote, “Going forward, X will continue to develop experiences in video, audio, messaging, banking, and payments that will delight users.”

Yaccarino added, “We plan to work across every team to keep the entire community up to date.”

Yaccarino further wrote, “Please don’t take this moment for granted. You’re writing history, and there’s no limit to our transformation. And we invite everyone to build X with us.”


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