OpenAI Announces, ChatGPT users can turn off their Chat History

OpenAI started rolling out new controls that will now allow ChatGPT users to turn off their chat history.

OpenAI wrote in a blog post that any conversations that take place while chat history is disabled will not be used to train OpenAI’s models or appear in the history sidebar. The Company said that it will keep the new conversations for 30 days, and it will only review them if it is essential to monitor for abuse.

The new controls come after a bug gave ChatGPT users slight access to records of other people’s chat history and conversations the previous month, and Italy became the first nation to ban the chatbot over privacy issues.

OpenAI wrote in the post, “We hope this provides an easier way to manage your data than our existing opt-out process. Users can change their chat history settings at any time.”

OpenAI also declared a new option that will allow users to export their chat history and learn which information is stored in ChatGPT. Users who export their chat history will receive the data in a file via email, as said by the company.

ChatGPT generates text based on written prompts in a way that is much more advanced and creative than the earlier chatbots of Silicon Valley.

OpenAI also announced that it plans to make a new ChatGPT Business subscription available in the upcoming months.