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Microsoft Invests in Builder.ai Startup that helps coding novices to Make Applications

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Microsoft invested in Builder.ai, a startup that helps firms having no coding experience to make applications and has doubled its efforts in the artificial intelligence space.

Builder.ai is a startup that makes “no-code” and “low-code” platforms. Its software allows anyone with limited coding experience to develop and manage applications.

Through this strategic partnership with Builder.ai, Microsoft plans to integrate Builder.ai’s AI assistant Natasha into its Teams chat and video software to allow customers to build business applications within the platform.

Builder.ai will also enhance Natasha by using Microsoft’s AI algorithms for making it sound more human.

The collaboration will give Builder.ai and its clients access to Microsoft’s Azure cloud tools, including a set of AI services it provides through a tie-up with OpenAI.

Builder.ai said, “Developers on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform will also be able to tap into Builder.ai’s network of experts.”

CEO of Builder.ai Duggal said, “We’re all convinced that the future of software is going to be where the customer doesn’t need to be technical. What we’re really doing is bringing together a world where customers are able to build software, run software, host software.”

Duggal added, “For Microsoft, it opens up not only a brand new customer that’s become a digital native but somebody that’s coming on to the Azure Cloud, where that building of the software is leveraging core parts of the Microsoft stack, as well as the Builder stack. So I think from that perspective, it’s really quite holistic. And the mission really is to empower the next 100 million software applications.”

The corporate vice president of business development at Microsoft, Jon Tinter said, “The deal marked an extension of our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We see Builder.ai creating an entirely new category that empowers everyone to be a developer and our new, deeper collaboration fuelled by Azure AI will bring the combined power of both companies to businesses around the world.”


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