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Meta’s Threads Started Circulating on the Web

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Threads, a Meta Twitter clone that launched last month and quickly climbed the app charts, is going viral and giving users access to their computers. Threads.net is not yet available to everyone and may still only show a link to download the mobile app.

A Meta spokesperson said, “The Company will release the online version of Threads to the public in the coming days.

Meta said that in the coming weeks, it will enhance Threads to look more like a mobile app.

Although Threads quickly registered users after its launch in July, the app’s growth and engagement slowed the following week as its limitations became apparent. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in early August that the company is working on both an online version of Threads and a search feature, highlighting efforts to make the app more engaging.

Advertisers and influencers previously expressed that Threads needed more features, such as a search engine and the ability to access the app from desktop computers, to be a serious challenge to X, formerly Twitter. X influencers and power users often use the desktop version of the app to comment and share content throughout the day.

Meanwhile, X has been trying to win back advertisers with new brand safety tools aimed at making it more convenient for businesses to advertise on the service. Several nonprofits and researchers have documented an increase in hate speech and racist content since Tesla CEO Elon Musk took control of the X in October claims the company denies.

While Zuckerberg recently told analysts he’s pretty optimistic about Threads, Meta has no plans to monetize the app until it’s built.


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