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HTC CEO Says, Not scared of Competition from Apple’s Upcoming Mixed Reality Device

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HTC CEO thinks that Apple may launch its own mixed reality device this year, but said that she is not afraid of the competition.

HTC CEO and Co-founder Cher Wang said, “The Cupertino tech giant was likely to launch a mixed reality or XR, product very soon — potentially as soon as this year. I think the earliest may be the middle of or later this year. The company will probably prioritize such a device over augmented reality glasses.”

Mixed Reality or XR refers to technologies that integrate the physical and digital worlds.

Bloomberg also reported in January that Apple is gearing up to launch a mixed-reality device in the spring.

Wang said, “Apple is always more cautious. I think the market is now big enough; they probably will enter.”

Neil Shah, research vice president of Counterpoint Research, said, “XR is the newest form of how we can interact differently with the world and can change the paradigm of personal computing. Apple and the entire industry realize the potential and hence want to enter and eventually lead this segment.”


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